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Pilot Navigation

Pilot Navigation


To teach the student how to navigate the aeroplane under visual meteorological conditions using pilot navigation methods.


3 Days


From taking pilot navigation, students will be comfortable with:

  • Departure
  • En route
  • Low level navigation
  • Lost procedure
  • Diversion procedure
  • Air traffic control procedure


Students will be within a fairly restricted young age bracket, meet the highest medical standards, have a minimum education standard and passed all other selection criteria.


There are no-prerequists to this training course.

Additional Notes

Should a student suddenly or even progressively show signs of deteriorating performance over one or two flights (or more) the instructor needs to use non intrusive questioning to see what is troubling the student. If the problem stems from antipathy between the student and instructor it may be prudent for the student to fly with a different instructor.


Flight Planning


En Route

'One-in-Sixty' Rule

Log Keeping

Map Reading

Low Level Navigation

Range Flying

Endurance Flying

Cross-country Emergency Procedures

Use of Navigation Aids

Air Traffic Control Procedures

Upcoming Classes

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This course was fantastic!

- ServiceRocket

This class gave me a greater understanding on Flight using best practices and was a great start to my professional development.

- Q-Flights